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Invoice Factoring: The Numbers Work In Your Favor

Slow-pay customers can leave your cash flow tied up, forcing you to turn down new work, lay-off employees, miss payroll, or put you behind on tax payments and bills. To avoid letting these issues create a negative snowball effect on your business, factor your invoices and get the money you need within 1 business day.

How much does it cost to factor invoices?

As an example, if you have an outstanding invoice of $250,000, TXP Capital can advance 85% of the total invoice amount to you, totaling $212,500. For every 2 weeks it takes your customer to pay the invoice, TXP Capital simply deducts a factoring fee of 1.5%. In this scenario, if your customer takes 4 weeks to pay, the factoring fee would equal 3% or $7,500.* Once the invoice is paid in full by your client, TXP Capital releases the reserve amount to you, minus the factoring fee.

*For illustrative purposes only. Percentages and terms may vary. Talk to a Relationship Manager for details.

Invoice Factoring Calculator

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