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Why Factor?

Unlike typical small business loans, factoring helps your business:
Get Qualified Quickly
Getting qualified is not based on your credit history, but instead on creditworthiness of your customers.
Get Paid Now
In most cases, we can get you paid within a day of invoicing.
Keep More Cash
Compared to small business loans, factoring often provides more cash per invoice!
Grow Your Capital
Your capital can grow as your sales grow.

Plus these additional benefits...

Get Paid What You're Owed
Immediately get paid for work performed to pay labor, fuel, third party costs, and other business expenses.
Better Customer Service
Allows you to focus more on your client, offering better customer service by reacting timely to their needs.
Expert Advice
Provide suggestions to improve the operation of your business when appropriate.
Save on Labor Costs
Dedicated team that tracks and collects receivables, saving you labor costs and allowing your staff to be more efficient.
More Working Capital
Allows for access to much larger amounts of working capital because the size is based on the strength of your clients, not your personal credit.
Avoid Bad Clients
Provide analysis on prospective business so you avoid troubled companies, whose payment record may not warrant doing work for.
Get Paid NowStill Have Questions?
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